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Kyle Collinsworth is an award-winning entertainment professional. He has worked in many avenues of the Hollywood Film industry for over 40 years. His experiences have grown into expertise in the areas of

developing financial structures and expense control, the tactical planning of projects, as well as coaching and people management across departmental barriers.

Over his accomplished career, Kyle has managed and directed many professionals on multiple complex projects from concept research and development to the execution of the end visual product. He had successfully assisted in organizing, implementing and contributing to the completion of several of the most notable feature films of our time including Secret Headquarters, Back to the Future II, Men in Black, Terminator II, Honey I Blew up the Kid, and Independence Day to name a few. His relationships with major studios like Sony, Universal, WB, and Paramount further establish his reputation in this competitive industry. 

Kyle excels in his ability to transform a creative concept or literary property into exceptional products for a global audience. His considerable experience in interpreting the scope of a project while identifying cost is

an effective solution for independent and feature films alike. He is able to effectively distinguish the physical and logistical needs of each project for every aspect from labor force needs to resources.  Kyle is skilled at successfully cultivating relationships to facilitate permitting process and ensure safety and security under extreme conditions.  Building effective working relationships across the industry and in the community is what Kyle does best in his career and personal life. Kyle has deep Texas roots and finds his fulfillment in giving back to his local community and nonprofits through contributions of time and training..

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