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Chris Debiec is a distinguished C-suite executive with an impressive 33-year track record. He embarked on his career in Orlando, Florida, making his mark in various feature films, including Sylvester Stallone's "Oscar" and Miramax's "The Crow." Relocating to Los Angeles, he contributed to notable projects such as Warner Brothers' "The Devil's Advocate," Paramount Studios' "The Out of Towners," and Walt Disney Studios' groundbreaking live-action film, "Dinosaur."


In November 2000, Chris served as the Production Supervisor for MGM/UA's "City of Ghosts," marking Matt Dillon's directorial debut, which was filmed amidst the challenges of war-torn and poverty-stricken Cambodia.


Back in the US, Chris was recruited by Academy Award-winning writer/director/producer, James Cameron, to oversee production at Earthship Productions. During his tenure, the company produced a LIVE broadcast titled "Last Mysteries of Titanic," the groundbreaking documentary "Expedition: Bismarck", and the awe-inspiring 3D/HD IMAX films "Aliens of the Deep" and "Ghosts of the Abyss". They earned six Emmy nominations and one win for "Expedition: Bismarck."


From 2010 to 2017, Chris was recruited as the VP of Production at Entertainment One Television (eOne), where he spearheaded the alternative programming division overseeing the development, production, post-production, and delivery of all projects. Chris then rejoined forces with the Cameron family, assuming the role of Chief Content Officer for "Human", a pioneering start-up Tech/3-D company owned by John and James Cameron.


In 2019, Chris was the Production Executive for Leyline/A24's feature film, "The Green Knight," shot entirely on location in Ireland over a period of 5 months.


With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cameron family called upon Chris to serve as COO, overseeing the transformation of their Tech company, Human Health Organization (H2O) into a Covid-19 rapid testing company. He managed all testing protocols, facilitating over 2800 productions worldwide. Tragically, following the passing of the revered CEO and dear friend, John Cameron, Chris stepped in as interim CEO until the closure of the company in November 2021.


Mr. Debiec relocated to Austin, Texas and as CEO/Founder, immediately established the Texas Media Coalition, a political action committee with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial and sustainable multi-billion-dollar transferable tax-incentive program. This program was developed through a comprehensive analysis of Texas tax law, the needs of the media industry, and successful global and domestic programs.


Currently, as CEO of Civilized Entertainment LLC, Chris has built an award-winning studio focusing on the development and production of content directly related to Science, Technology, Environment, Art, Space, Expedition, Exploration, Medical and Historical Events.

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