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Image by Adam Thomas


The Texas Media Coalition is working with companies and developing partnerships around the globe to make Texas a global leader in the Media Manufacturing sector. 

Our team comprises of Film and Television producers, Human Resource specialists, Lobbyists and Tax experts that all care deeply about moving Texas into the future of media manufacturing. 


We believe that each local community will benefit from the millions of dollars spent by productions within their local economies on items such as Construction, Transportation, Food/Beverage, Clothing, Hotels, Furniture, Dry Cleaning, Equipment/Location rental fees and many more.  

The Texas Media Coalition needs your support and endorsement in bringing the Texas Media Expansion Program to life.



The entertainment industry relies on a multifaceted and multi-disciplinary workforce to function—from the traditional needs many think of e.g. cameramen, lighting and costume designers, in addition to carpenters, painters, electricians, landscapers, law enforcement, drivers, teachers, medics, hairdressers, makeup artists, caterers, and many more trades. 


The TMC is building a three-day film and TV production boot camp which will increase the labor pool exponentially. Entry-level trainees will learn the basic essentials of working on big budget film and television productions. It’s NOT designed to teach beginners how to make a film or television project, BUT rather how to work on one.

This is a one-of-a-kind program that is unparalleled in its scope, content, and practicality. Trainees will receive a hands-on instruction on subjects almost never taught in film school. The program is open to all Texas residents over the age of 18. There will be introductory programs within the high schools to show future graduates what opportunities exist within media manufacturing sector in Texas. 


The ultimate goal of the Texas Media Coalitions Expansion program is meant to grow our local economies.  We want Texans to thrive and spend their hard-earned dollars, buying homes and contributing to all rural and metropolitan communities within Texas.


In order to do this we must create, build and keep an experienced workforce base. This trainee program will give individuals the opportunity to work in an industry they never thought they could.

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