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A personal note from the Chairman of the TMC:

The Texas Media Coalition was established in March 2022 after a meeting I had with the Texas Film Commission. 


We discussed the current tax incentive program for a film I wanted to produce in the state. It is a breathtaking western film about Texas in the early 1800’s called “Unbridled Courage”.  We wanted to film it in Blanco utilizing the state’s tax grant but I was told the current Texas moving picture incentive program had run out of money in the first quarter, the first year, of a two-year cycle. 


I asked, “How could that be? Texas is one of the biggest states in the country” 


I was told that IF four or five big productions come into the state at the beginning of the program, they will appropriate the entire $45 million grant leaving nothing left for local Texas filmmakers. My financier of the western film will not allow us to film in a state unless that state has a fully funded incentive program. 


The truly unfortunate outcome was that we are shooting this picturesque film about Texas in Oklahoma. My Texas based writers are actually having to re-write the script to fit an Oklahoma setting. To me, this is a TRAVESTY


When I moved to Austin I heard people tell me, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” I love that quote. While it may be true for some things, its unfortunately not true when it comes to the entertainment industry. In fact, Texas is NON-COMPETITIVE with the likes of New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, California and about 10 other states in terms of economic development and jobs creation from the entertainment industry. 


My mentors always told me, “If you want your voice to be heard, then it better be louder than everyone else’s”. I’ve taken that to heart, so get ready!


Chris Debiec

CEO - Civilized Entertainment and Chairman of the Texas Media Coalition


The primary goal of the Texas Media Coalition (TMC) is to PASS a new piece of Texas state legislation entitled the “Texas Media Production Expansion program”.


The Expansion program offers an array of tax discounts to lure larger Film and TV productions exclusively with budgets and in-state spending greater than fifteen ($15) million dollars per project.


In addition to the expansion program, the TMC has built a “Trainee” Program baked into the bill which is a three-day Film and TV production boot camp. This entry-level program will teach the basic essentials of working on big budget production. It is not designed to instruct beginners how to make a film or television project, but rather, how to work effectively on one. This will increase the labor pool exponentially and build a solid base of educated Texans that will all be qualified to work in a truly diverse industry.


Production companies and Studios can spend anywhere from $1 to $500 million dollars per project depending on the format (Feature Film or TV series).


Texas currently operates under a two-year media grant program; that is non-competitive with incentives offered by neighboring states and is capped at $45 million dollars. All productions that fall under our fifteen ($15) million-dollar budget threshold will continue to be eligible for the current program thus, allowing the smaller, independent productions to benefit and thrive.


Once the grant runs out, there is no financial reason for the studios or production companies to spend their money in Texas. Our piece of legislation will serve as relief program to the current grant program implemented by the Texas Film Commission.


The TMC program IS the solution to allow many big and small productions to spend their money in the state without the threat of recompense from filming in Texas.


Our vision is to make Texas the most powerful state in the union and eventually the globe, in the media manufacturing sector. 

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